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Medical Physics & Radiation Safety

Medical Physicist:

Mrs. Bhagyalakshmi,
A. T., M. Sc., Dip. R. P. (BARC)


The department of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety plays an essential part in the specialities of Radiation Oncology, Radio diagnosis and Nuclear Medicine.

Clinical activities:

The primary responsibility of the department is to the cancer patients in order to assure adequate and accurate tumor dose delivery with minimum or negligible radiation dose to the surrounding normal tissues. This is accomplished by

  1. Development of treatment plans and dose distributions for treating cancer patients
  2. Acquisition and storage of data for treatment plans
  3. Machine settings for patient treatment
  4. Development and maintenance of a Quality Assurance (QA) program for all treatment modalities, localisation procedures and Treatment Planning System to assure that the patients receive prescribed doses and dose distributions within acceptable degrees of accuracy
  5. Patient specific QA tests to ensure that the actual dose deliveries and dose distributions on the patients are as per the treatment plans.

Scientific activities:

  1. Evaluation, performance specifications, acceptance testing and commissioning of new equipments
  2. Calibration and routine QA of Radiotherapy equipments like Linear Accelerator, Brachytherapy units etc., and maintenance of records
  3. Maintenance of QA records of Radio-diagnostic equipments like X-ray, CT scan, C-arm and Mammography units
  4. Maintenance of QA records of Nuclear Medicine equipments like PET-CT and Gamma camera
  5. Prepare room designs of Radiation generating equipments.
  6. Teaching and training programmes on Radiation Physics/Radiation safety

Radiation Safety activities:

This department looks after the radiation safety regulatory requirements of Radiation Oncology, Radio diagnosis and Nuclear Medicine facilities. This includes periodical radiation protection surveys in and around the installations, maintaining personnel monitoring dose records of the radiation professionals/radiation workers and formulating work practices to ensure radiation safety to the staff, patients and public. The department directly liaisons with the regulating authorities like Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Government of India and the Directorate of Radiation Safety (DRS), Government of Kerala while implementing the radiation policies and procedures regarding radiation safety and regulatory compliance of the use of ionising radiation for medical applications as per the Radiation Protection rules, 2004 under the Atomic Energy Act, 1962.


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