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Project Introduction

The Cancer Problem

Cancer is a non communicable disease which is thought to be the cause of 54% of all deaths in the year 2015. The current surveys show that the rate of cancer in India would be one out of five by 2017 and the lack of necessary treatment centers may even scale up this ratio. There are only 2 cancer centers and 8 radiotherapy centers are available in Kerala and it’s unfortunate to mention that there is no cancer center in the lower middle part of the state to cater the need of the people about 100 KM radius. The cost of high-tech equipments and diagnostic machines hold other entities back to initiate new centers and stringent financial conditions prohibit the governments to perform any mass cancer control program in terms of cancer treatment. So, all these factors constitute the hospital to think about establishing a well equipped and sophisticated cancer center in the campus with the help of humanitarians and benefactors all over the world. The stone-laying ceremony of this cancer center was on October 29th 2008 and the center will become a “Ray of Hope to Cancer patients”.

St. Gregorios International Cancer Care Centre

So, all these factors constituted the hospital to think about establishing a well equipped and sophisticated cancer center in the campus with the help of humanitarians and benefactors from all over the world. The new cancer center will have over 500 beds, the most sophisticate machines, efficient administrative staff/systems, and the most talented doctors/technicians available. When completed this will be the largest International Cancer Care Center In South India.

Since most the cancer cases occur due to lifestyle activates, the cancer care center has many community outreach and education programs. We are already conducting cancer detection campus all over Kerala to diagnose the problem at its earliest stage possible. This increases survival rates and reduces the costs that the patients will have to incur.

The stone laying ceremony was in July 2009, the piling work of our cancer project is completed, and super structure construction is in progress.

Major Departments to be established in the cancer center:

  • Radiotherapy
  • Medical oncology
  • surgical oncology
  • Radio diagnosis/ Imageology
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Medical Physics & Radiation Safety
  • Pathology
  • Bio-chemistry
  • Blood bank
  • Community oncology
  • Palliative care
  • Computer & Communication system
  • Medical records
  • Bio-medical engineering
  • General& isolation & pay wards

Financial outlay and schedule

Normally the Church relies on its members and well wishers to raise capital to maintain and grow its non-profit institutions. What has been collected so far for this project came from our own church members. As a church, it is for the first time in our 2000 year history corporate entities are being approached. As corporate social responsibility becomes a prevalent issue, it presents a great opportunity for the Church and corporate firms to join hands to conduct worthwhile non-profit work.

Development Of International Cancer Centre:

The major highlights of St. Gregorios International Cancer Care Project (Research & Training )

  1. Provide treatment to Cancer patients with Super-speciality treatment with International standard.
  2. Provide Free treatment to the poor & needy without the discrimination of Caste & Creed.
  3. Best treatment and early diagnosis in cheaper rate in a typical rural setting.
  4. Existing multi speciality hospital in the same premises.

Rev. Fr. M C Poulose is the present Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital. At present, we have Medical Expert Committee, Construction Committee, Technical Committee and Metropolitan Committee for the decision and execution of project activities.


About Us

St. Gregorios Medical Mission Hospital was started in 1975, and was registered under the Travancore — Cochin Literacy, Scientific and Charitable Act with Reg No. A334/78. The Institution is owned and controlled by the society of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, the head of which is His Holiness Baselious Marthoma Paulose II, Read more

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